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      Sterilization pot
      Auther: Pubdate:2019-12-28

      The purpose of high-temperature sterilization is to sterilize a variety of different products after packaging and suitable for sterilization. The sterilized products will not contact with the outside world for a certain period of time, so that the products can be preserved for a long time without deterioration. For this reason, users can produce in large quantities, which is more convenient for long-distance transportation. High temperature sterilization is divided into three sterilization methods: water bath, spray and steam sterilization. It is suitable for canned goods, tinplate cans, glass bottles and meat, fish, vegetables, corn, dairy products, soy products and other soft packaging products, and maintain the original flavor and taste.
      Design principle:
      Completely automatic sterilization pot the sterilization process PLC automatic linear control, tank temperature control in the plus or minus 0.2 ℃, the multi-stage temperature control to ensure the cooling and heating, constant temperature control and the time delay function of the strong, the pressure of high-fidelity simulation curve control ensures that the canned sterilization process of filling pressure, back pressure and special product pressure control of sterilization.
      The site is equipped with a large touch screen to store multiple sterilization formulas, but also can be easily input new sterilization formula, suitable for a pot of production of a variety of products. The powerful display function of the display screen can enable the operator to grasp the whole sterilization process in a timely manner, and the perfect man-machine dialogue function can enable the operator to simply complete the operation.
      Completely automatic sterilization pot used the technology we mature sterilization temperature recording system, control system through the RS485 communication and computer connection, the system can real-time display the whole control process of sterilization, also will be the temperature of the sterilization process pressure curve automatically stored in the computer, the user can access at any time. Can also through the printer to print at any time, which can realize remote control and remote data management factory.
      Product features:
      1, soaked food water with the circulation pump to do high-speed flow, and will regularly adjust the direction of water flow in the sterilization room, promote the whole sterilization room water in each package constantly flowing, so as to ensure the sterilization room temperature of each point is highly consistent, to ensure the sterilization safety of each food.
      2, The sterilizing water that is heated in the hot water fungus tank in advance is quickly put into the sterilizing room to release a large amount of heat to the food so that the food can heat up quickly. When the temperature drops, the cold water from the outside directly enters the sterilizing room and contacts with the food to cool down quickly.
      3,After sterilization every time, the high-temperature water is recycled into the hot water tank with thermal insulation to preserve the heat and not be lost, saving a lot of heat energy, and preparing for the next sterilization, saving time.
      4, using the world's most advanced high efficiency circulating water pump, can use very little electricity to play the greatest effect.
      5, safe, stable, reliable, and optional adjustment of the process back pressure control, to ensure that the packaging is not deformation.
      6, high fidelity process control, to ensure mass production of food sterilization quality.
      7, suitable for a variety of types and sizes.
      Scope of application:
      It is mainly used for canned food (such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc.) and high temperature sterilized protein drinks (such as tin cans, glass cans, cooking bags, etc.). Especially suitable for canned food (such as ham sausage, steamed chicken, braised chicken, pure milk, etc.).
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