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      Bottle washer
      Auther: Pubdate:2019-12-28

          Bottle washing machine consists of stainless steel water pump, high pressure nozzle, electrical box and so on. Applicable to glass bottles, plastic bottles and other brush cleaning and water washing alone or with the use of cleaning special equipment. High pressure recoil spray washing is used to make the sundries on the bottle wall get off and fall into the water tank in time.
          The high frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high frequency mechanical oscillation through the transducer and propagated to the medium -- cleaning solvent. The forward radiation of ultrasonic wave in the cleaning liquid with dense phases causes the liquid to flow and produces tens of thousands of tiny bubbles. These bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure zone of longitudinal ultrasonic propagation, and close up rapidly in the positive pressure zone. In this process, which is called "cavitation" effect, the bubble closure can form an instantaneous high pressure of more than 1,000 air pressure. The continuous instantaneous high pressure is like a series of small "explosions" constantly impacting the surface of the object, making the dirt in the surface and cracks of the object rapidly peel off, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the surface of the object.
          In the middle is a layer of certain thickness of the stainless steel plate, the change can be head knot under a layer of steel plate, produced by ultrasonic placing signage at a certain frequency and voltage of ac electrical signal can drive in head and stainless steel plate with high frequency vibration, when steel shake up, open up the water, when the steel plate down vibration, water can't keep up with the vibration of the plate speed, in the water and can form a gap between steel plate, vibration repeatedly so there will be many bubbles to form, as shown: the bubble is produced by the "cavitation effect", we call it a cavitation bubble.                Cavitation bubbles spread to the water along with the direction of vibration. If there is a workpiece in the water, the cavitation bubbles will hit the surface of the workpiece and generate the impact force of thousands of atmospheres, which will drive the dirt off the surface of the workpiece.
      The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning mainly includes the following aspects:
      1. Due to the strong shock wave generated when cavitation bubbles burst, part of dirt layer is stripped down, dispersed, emulsified and detached under the action of shock wave.
      2. Because the cavitation phenomenon, the bubble formed by the impact of the dirt of the gap between layer and layer of penetration, and the gap due to the small bubbles and sound pressure synchronous expansion, contraction, like peeling of physical force ACTS on the dirt floor repeatedly, dirt layer by peeling layers, the bubble continues to permeate, until the dirt layer is totally removed. This is the cavitation secondary effect.
      3. Impact of ultrasonic vibration of cleaning liquid on dirt in ultrasonic cleaning.
      4. Ultrasonic wave accelerates the dissolution process of dirt by chemical cleaning agent. The combination of chemical force and physical force accelerates the cleaning process.
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